I have a question about Ardour's licensing

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Hello, I’m somebody who’s thinking of buying Ardour within the $45 USD permalicense, but i have a question. I wonder if the license is for each OS, like if you have to buy each license if you want to use Ardour or a different operating system, or if it’s a multilicense like Renoise’s model (where one license allows you to access the Linux, Windows and MacOS versions simultaneously).
I’m a Linux user mostly, but sometimes i use my Windows install if i want to work with VSTs that won’t wor well with Yabridge among other stuff so that’s why i was wondering about this.

Ardor is licensed in terms of the GNU Public License.

You can use it on as many machines as you like, and you can even share the installer with whomever you like.

Ardour provides a build service. You pay Ardour.org to provide you with an ready-to-run installer.

Also note that $45 gives you the access to download the current major version (7.x), up to and including the next first next major release (8.0) as well as access to nightly builds, but not any future versions (8.1, 8.x x >=1).

See also Ardour FAQ

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Thanks for the clarifications.
I wonder if there are plans for a more expensive permalicense where it costs like $80 USD or more but also grants you access to all future versions of the program

No there are not. As mentioned in the FAQ, without an influx of revenue, Arodur development will almost certainly grind to a halt.

Your example of $80 would be equivalent to a $6.67 per month subscription for one year, and one year only.

Oh sorry, i didn’t think about that.
Anyway, thanks for the answers

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