I don't see midi messages from other tracks on 'MIDI activity' window

i am using the window ‘Midi activity’ that is very useful.
However in my case, i have two midi tracks track1 and track2, connected so that: track1 → track2.
On the midi activity i can see the messages on track1/midi_out ,
but there is nothing when i select track2/midi_in,
although the track2 receives the messages from track1.
Do i do something incorrect?

It is a bug in Ardour 7. The MIDI tracer collects data for each input port at the start of each process-cycle. At this point in time there is not data at the input of the 2nd track, yet.

You can instead of use the plugin “ACE MIDI Monitor” (comes with Ardour) and add it directly to the track.

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