I can't stop Ardour playback from the internal clock


I use Ardour 6.5 and it seems I can’t stop Ardour playback from the internal clock.

It happens after few try to play/record/stop.

The play button at the end finish to be jammed and I can’t press top to deactivate playback.

To dejam the play button pressed, I must save my session and restart Ardour.

Thank you for you help !


PS: My first language is french

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Is this on a package from this website, or from a distribution package manager or elsewhere? First step is always see if it happens on the packages from here, you can use the demo version to test with.


Ok, fine, I compiled Ardour from the source code using official and up to date Ubuntu 20.04 libs using also the git tag 6.5.

I will try the demo today and give you feedback.

I must admit, I can’t stay long enough in the demo version to reproduce the issue as the demo version pop up the annoying window with sound cut.

My issue could happens fast but it also could happen after a long session where I should close Ardour 6.5

I have experienced this issue using the official builds. The transport gets stuck in play mode.

I’m working in loop mode most of the time and i’ve noticed the playhead sometimes “escapes” from the loop. This might be related.

I don’t think i have a way to reproduce this reliably.

I could help to debug this issue from the code and to a clean recompilation.
Do you know someone who can give me some instruction to debug this from my build ?

If you are looking to do this in realtime the best way to do that is during daytime business hours (EST) on IRC (Links at the bottom of the page) but it just depends on when people have time really, right now one of the devs is entirely in work to redo how time is kept throughout Ardour, and the other is doing a variety of work, so if they aren’t available there may not be anyone. It can be a bit hit and miss that way.

The better option is to find a reproducible recipe, some way that causes it to reliable have an issue, preferably on a new session and obviously on the package from here. For instance looping was mentioned above, is this something you are doing as well? What time source are you using (Internal? Jack?).

If we can get a reproducible recipe to the devs that makes the debugging much easier.


When you press “stop” and nothing happens, please have a look in Ardour’s Menu > Window > Log.

Are there messages like the following?

bad transition, current state = ... event =  ...

PS. You also won’t get much feedback on this forum on issue reports, those belong to tracker.ardour.org

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I don’t see any bad transition message in log window.

Here, I figure out how to reproduce it.
0. I configure a custom control surface (check at the end of this message)

  1. I must add a midi track.
  2. I configure my Akai mkp261 as midi controler
  3. I press play then right after I press “Go to start of session”
  4. It’s on play mode and if I press stop, it doesn’t work.

My custom control surface :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ArdourMIDIBindings version="1.0.0" name="AKAI MPK261">

<!-- MMC MIDI Mapping for Akai MPK61 -->
<!-- Intended to be used with the MPK61 'Generic' MIDI/MMC (Preset 18) -->
<!-- Contributed by GMaq, thanks to all other map contributors for the hints... :) -->

<!-- MMC Transport buttons seem to 'just work' -->

<!-- Faders mapped to Ardour Faders - Control Bank A  -->

  <Binding channel="1" ctl="20" uri="/route/gain 1"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="21" uri="/route/gain 2"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="22" uri="/route/gain 3"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="23" uri="/route/gain 4"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="24" uri="/route/gain 5"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="25" uri="/route/gain 6"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="26" uri="/route/gain 7"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="27" uri="/route/gain 8"/>

<!-- Faders mapped to Ardour Faders - Control Bank B  -->

  <Binding channel="1" ctl="61" uri="/route/gain 9"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="62" uri="/route/gain 10"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="63" uri="/route/gain 11"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="70" uri="/route/gain 12"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="71" uri="/route/gain 13"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="72" uri="/route/gain 14"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="73" uri="/route/gain 15"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="74" uri="/route/gain 16"/>

<!-- Faders mapped to Ardour Faders - Control Bank C  -->

  <Binding channel="1" ctl="92" uri="/route/gain 17"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="93" uri="/route/gain 18"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="94" uri="/route/gain 19"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="95" uri="/route/gain 20"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="102" uri="/route/gain 21"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="103" uri="/route/gain 22"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="104" uri="/route/gain 23"/>

<!-- Last Fader Binding On Control Bank C reserved for Master Bus  -->
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="105" uri="/bus/gain master"/>

<!-- Encoder Knob bindings to Pan Direction -->

<!-- Encoder Knobs mapped to Track Pan Direction - Control Bank A  -->

  <Binding channel="1" ctl="3" uri="/route/pandirection 1"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="9" uri="/route/pandirection 2"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="14" uri="/route/pandirection 3"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="15" uri="/route/pandirection 4"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="16" uri="/route/pandirection 5"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="17" uri="/route/pandirection 6"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="18" uri="/route/pandirection 7"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="19" uri="/route/pandirection 8"/>

<!-- Encoder Knobs mapped to Track Pan Direction - Control Bank B  -->

  <Binding channel="1" ctl="52" uri="/route/pandirection 9"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="53" uri="/route/pandirection 10"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="54" uri="/route/pandirection 11"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="55" uri="/route/pandirection 12"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="57" uri="/route/pandirection 13"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="58" uri="/route/pandirection 14"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="59" uri="/route/pandirection 15"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="60" uri="/route/pandirection 16"/>

<!-- Encoder Knobs mapped to Track Pan Direction - Control Bank C  -->

  <Binding channel="1" ctl="83" uri="/route/pandirection 17"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="85" uri="/route/pandirection 18"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="86" uri="/route/pandirection 19"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="87" uri="/route/pandirection 20"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="88" uri="/route/pandirection 21"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="89" uri="/route/pandirection 22"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="90" uri="/route/pandirection 23"/>

<!-- Last Encoder Knob Binding On Control Bank C reserved for Master Bus  -->
<!-- *Note Pan Direction doesn't work on Master Bus, mapped anyway for consistency  -->

  <Binding channel="1" ctl="91" uri="/bus/pandirection master"/>

<!-- MPK61 Solo Buttons mapped to Ardour track Solo -->

<!-- MPK61 Solo Buttons mapped to Ardour track Solo - Control Bank A -->

  <Binding channel="1" ctl="28" uri="/route/solo 1"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="29" uri="/route/solo 2"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="30" uri="/route/solo 3"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="31" uri="/route/solo 4"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="35" uri="/route/solo 5"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="41" uri="/route/solo 6"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="46" uri="/route/solo 7"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="47" uri="/route/solo 8"/>

<!-- MPK61 Solo Buttons mapped to Ardour track Solo - Control Bank B -->

  <Binding channel="1" ctl="75" uri="/route/solo 9"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="76" uri="/route/solo 10"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="77" uri="/route/solo 11"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="78" uri="/route/solo 12"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="79" uri="/route/solo 13"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="80" uri="/route/solo 14"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="81" uri="/route/solo 15"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="82" uri="/route/solo 16"/>

<!-- MPK61 Solo Buttons mapped to Ardour track Solo - Control Bank C -->

  <Binding channel="1" ctl="106" uri="/route/solo 17"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="107" uri="/route/solo 18"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="108" uri="/route/solo 19"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="109" uri="/route/solo 20"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="110" uri="/route/solo 21"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="111" uri="/route/solo 22"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="112" uri="/route/solo 23"/>

<!-- Last Button Binding On Control Bank C reserved for Master Bus  -->
<!-- This binding will mute the Master Bus since it has no Solo Function  -->

  <Binding channel="1" ctl="113" uri="/bus/mute master"/>

  <!-- Set basic transport controls -->
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="115" function="transport-start" momentary="yes"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="116" function="transport-end" momentary="yes"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="117" function="transport-stop" momentary="yes"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="118" function="transport-roll" momentary="yes"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="119" action="Transport/Record" momentary="yes"/>
  <Binding channel="1" ctl="114" function="loop-toggle" momentary="yes"/>


I found a way to fix it. When I press play but after I use the midi function transport-start I can’t press stop (the stop button don’t work). I can’t even use this function in lua : Session:request_transport_speed (0.0, true, ARDOUR.TransportRequestSource.TRS_UI) to stop the transport. But, if I change the transport speed to something else than 0 and after I press stop in the UI, the transport is stopped !

Using LUA, to stop the transport when the “stop” button in the UI is jammed :
1- Change the speed (I can also use the shuttle speed control button)
Session:request_transport_speed (0.5, true, ARDOUR.TransportRequestSource.TRS_UI)

2- Now, stop the transport.
Session:request_transport_speed (0.0, true, ARDOUR.TransportRequestSource.TRS_UI

@x42 a bug report has been created : https://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=8490


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