i can't find the ARDOUR

hi could someone help me, i have bought an ardour license but i can’t find it in my application folder could i have another download

ok. two days ago i have bought ardour with a 45$ payment but i can’t find it in my application folder after the file opening, so today i have downloaded another time without payment…that’s all


We are in the OS X folder of the forums;)


@maxde71: OS X or Linux?

@maxde71: i have no idea what you are talking about - there is no “license” for Ardour. What makes you think there is?

My laminated linux license came inside a hermetically sealed mayonnaise jar which had been stored underneath Funk & Wagnalls’ porch until they shipped it to me.

@maxde71: ah, missed that we’re in the OS X forums. The download you paid for will be wherever you let your browser put it. There is no install process, so its wherever you last left it, so to speak.