I cannot load windows plugins in carla

When I load windows plugins (vst2, vst3, as dlls) into Carla, I get an error message stating “Timeout while waiting for a response from plugin-bridge (or the plugin crashed on initialization?)”. I tried reinstalling the plugins, but this did not work. I have found the same behavior with several plugins. I have installed all of the carla bridges, and have set Carla to use the bridges. I am running Ubuntu 21.10, with Ardour and Ubuntu Studio supplied Carla. Any suggestions?

You need wine installed….and the alsa to jack bridges

Or you could try a live cd of avlinux…all set up to do that.

I recently updated Ubuntu (Studio) from 21.10 to 22.04. I can now load windows plugins into Carla. I’m thinking that the version of wine in Ubuntu Studio 21.10 (5.03) was the problem; Ubuntu Studio 22.04 has wine version 6.

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