I cannot install

I just purchased this software and could not install it on ubuntu 11.4, any step by step installation info please? I ma new to this ubuntu environment.

Thanks your suggestion works very well.really appreciated.
can you advice how i can download plugins?

if you do want to get more serious with recording...


Plugins which work with Ardour on just about any distro (demos available, comprehensive manual and installation instructions, free online support, simple ‘single click’ installer, linuxVST, JACK and LV2 versions available)

Hello :slight_smile:

In which way did you try to install Ardour? (Which version…?)

Normally it should work if you use Ubuntu’s software center. There you will get a stable version like 2.8.12 (or a smiliar one). It’s the easiest way.

If this shouldn’t work - maybe your might try (just to give it a try) to install a beta version, e.g. this

  • First download it.
  • After download is finished, just unpack it (using the archive manager).
  • Then open Nautilus (or a similar file manager), go to the unpacked folder and look for “install.sh” file.
  • Open a shell and use the “cd” command to go to the folder where “install.sh” is located.
  • Then type “./install.sh” and press “enter”. The installation should start and proceed automatically. :slight_smile:

By the way, if you go the second way, maybe you have to install Jack manually… (but I’m not sure because Jack was already on my system when I tried a beta version of Ardour for the first time.)

Excuse me, I’m no native English speaker ;-)… I hope I’ve described it correctly…


The second method mk1967 described is the preferred method for the record, at least when dealing with Ubuntu, which tends to break things in their repos, and especially in older versions of Ubuntu like 11.04.