I can still hear a removed track!

Hello everyone,
I’m on Ubuntustudio 18.04.4 , with Ardour 5.12, using Alsa.

If I add a new audio track to the project, then I record the guitar on it, then I remove the entire track, I can still hear the guitar if I click play again.
I muted all the the tracks, except the master, then I can hear the deleted guitar just the same!

Is there a bug?

Did you “delete” it by pressing the X at the top of the channel strip in the Mixer view?
If that’s the case then you didn’t delete it, you just hid it from view. That’s also what the tool tip says.

Enable it by selecting it in the “Show Strips” box to the left and then right-click on the strip and select Remove.

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Thanks for your reply!

I removed the track, from the editor window, until I can’t see the track on the screen anymore.

I think something happened in Ardour, so something stays in the cache of the program until I record a new track.

After recording a new track, I don’t hear anymore the removed one.

How can I solve this problem?


Maybe just dont remove it :wink: you should leep the strip shown in the mixer then mite the channel.

Not to harp on a single chord here, but just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Does the track appear in the list on the right hand sidebar of the editor?

There is a difference between ‘Hidden’ and ‘Deleted’. The former you won’t see but will still make noise. The latter should no long exist and thus should no longer make noise.


I see the track.
I click on M - to mute it after recording, but it doesn’t work.
I right click with mouse, then ‘remove’ and I can hear it just the same.
If I record a new track, I don’t hear the previous removed one.


Ok that is definitely a bug then, but the question is where as I don’t think others have reported it. Right clicking on the track and clicking ‘remove’ will delete the track in question (Not hide it) so it should definitely be gone in your case.

The better option might be to ask if you have the same behavior in a brand new session?

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Well, it could happen again, so I’d like to know what should I do in this case.

One explanation may be that you’ve hidden a rec-armed track…

But at this point it’s all speculation.

Open a bug report on tracker.ardour.org and attach the .ardour session file.

Hi Robin,

Maybe this is a place where the ui design could improve a bit.

In fact, I “deleted” (which is in fact hiding) a track once, and got very lost, before realising how to bring the track back to visibility.

As it is, may be a bit confusing in terms of ui design, I believe.

Ps: regardless of the possible bug


I am pretty sure you know this, but they did clarify they deleted and not hid. But like you I would like to see the ardour session file as well.


Well the question is what is causing it, and that is why I was trying to determine if it was reproducible on a new session on your system, and why Robin is asking for the session file, to see if we can determine how it is being created.


Have suggestions on how it could be improved? If it is hidden it is still visible in the list in the right hand sidebar still for the track list so it can still be found somewhat easily, provided people know to look there. The problem I find is many people hide the sidebar without understanding how to use it so don’t know to look there.


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It used to be mostly an issue for Windows users, because on Windows, closing a window “X” often destroys the window and quit the application. While HIG suggest to only close the window, and one can show it again at a later time (Mac, Linux and most mobile systems keep the application running).

Anyway, in Ardour6 it was already replaced it with an eye symbol a while ago:


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Have suggestions on how it could be improved?

Hi Seablade, yes I do. In terms of ui design, it’s not a primary item. I would simply take it off the track strip. It’s cleaner to leave it in the visibility tab, where it can be turn on/off in the same place.

I very often have huge sessions in my productions, nearly 200 tracks (Rio Olympic Games 2016, for example, I had sessions of about 170/180 tracks). In these scenarios, you wouldn’t want to accidentally and unknowingly hit the hide button, you know.

I believe in the Pro Tools and Cubase paradigm here, leave the hide for the visibility tab. In Cubase you can also hide it from the right button menu, on a track


It used to be mostly an issue for Windows users, because on Windows, closing a window “X” often destroys the window and quit the application

Hi Robin, fortunately it’s not the case here, no crash. But my suggestion is for to simply follow PT and Cubase choice, and take that button off.

I’ve got some other suggestions, concerning ui design, that I believe would make the workflow better (it’s already very good, don’t take me wrong!).

I looked at my home directory, I listed the hidden files, but I haven’t found any .ardour file.

In ‘preferences’ - ‘general’ - ‘session’ , the directory is set on my home directory.

ps. At the moment I’m using the ‘S’ solo option on tracks I want to listen to avoid anyone else.

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