Hydrogen Bleed

I’m trying to record a bass track into ardour and have got a drum loop in hydrogen. Hydrogen is kicked off via Jack. The problem is that, for some reason, the hydrogen drums seem to bleed into my bass recording. I’ve tried looking at my connections in Jack and there is no way that the hydrogen output is going to the bass track in - they’re only going to the system outs. I aslso tried turning my speaker off in case somehow the bass pickups were picking up the drums…

I’m running arch Linux and am currently stuck with having to use my soundblaster live soundcard - which is far from great…

Any help would be appreciated.

Please use search function in forum.
I think I’ve answered this one like four times already.

It has to be in your soundcard. Disable PCM capture in your mixer.

I think I must be stupid ( I did search by the way and didn’t find anything) I have no idea how to disable PCM capture… I’ve tried turning PCM down to 0 in alsamixer, but that simply mutes any sounds - but it can stil lrecord…

In your volume control go to preferences and tick all checkboxes so it shows you all the mixers, especially PCM CAPTURE.
Then you will have a tab that says capture, go to that tab and mute PCM CAPTURE.

Turning down PCM affects PCM PLAYBACK. Leave that one the way it was.

You just want to disable PCM CAPTURE.