Hydrogen & Ardour MIDI

Just a quick question but maybe it’s already planned?

I heavily used in other programs (SONAR) internal MIDI editing for drum tracks with DFH/EzDrummer plugins for the sounds. Since then I’ve been creating my own, better sounding drums using professional .wav samples in Hydrogen in their layer editor with great results. My one gripe with Ardour is def. the lack of MIDI support and the only reason I signed on up with support instead of forking out the $ to purchase Sonar 6 was to see that MIDI in Ardour gets implemented well (from the screenshots it looks spectacular sofar!).

How will Ardour MIDI handle Hydrogen drumkits? Ideally, it would be done internal OR at least for playback, Ardour’s MIDI could drive the Hydrogen kits. Is this planned?! I use triggers and such since I dont have the facilities to properly record drums and the ability to apply MIDI files in the DAW to a ‘plugin’ like Hydrogen would be extremely helpful to folks like me. Currently all I can do is do a pattern in Hyd or Rosegarden, drive the kit sounds in hyd with it, then apply it to Ardour as an actual audio file when recorded. It’s a PIA toggling between all of those programs and editing the drum patterns, esp fills and such, without the audio tracks near them and lined up is pretty cumbersome.

Oh, can I scoot one more question in… Any ideas on when the next (with MIDI) release will be?!


We are not attempting to turn Ardour into a drum machine, any more than Sonar is a drum machine. If you want a drum machine out of a DAW, the conventional route is to use a plugin. I don’t know of any plugins for Ardour on Linux that could do this right now.

What you want is probably something closer to a MIDI driven sampler, that would be powered by Ardour’s MIDI output (and whose audio output could in turn be re-recorded by Ardour when necessary). I am not experienced enough with the various apps that you might use for this to suggest one, so I suggest you try the Linux Audio Users mailing list or the #lad channel on IRC @ Freenode.net.

There is no schedule for any release of Ardour. The code is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from SVN if you want to see where things stand. I don’t anticipate even a beta release of ardour before the end of September.

Thank you for supporting the development of Ardour.

The second paragraph hits the nail on the head and if that is in mind for future release then I can work it like I do now with Rosegarden’s MIDI driving the Hydrogen kit sounds as a “synth” except the pattern (MIDI) editing will be done right in Ardour. This is done in Jack by connecting Hydrogen’s L&R outs to both soundcard/interface and the record L&R ins of Rosegarden. I can do this now but it is just a hassle going back n forth between 3 interfaces to edit the patterns n sounds.

I do not wish for Ardour to be a drum machine… just want it to handle MIDI along with other audio tracks and link MIDI output thru Jack to whatever I need. The way it worked in SONAR was by nomeans a ‘drum machine’ but I enjoyed it thoroughly and could real-time record MIDI (less the crashing & dropouts) drums right alongside the audio. I don’t think there will be an issue so long as the MIDI output is ‘happy’ with Jack :slight_smile:

Thanks again - maybe I will look at the code… I’m a lil rusty in C/C++! BTW, I don’t mean to sound ‘particular’… but MIDI is the one feature I am really waiting to see! Keep up the good work and I have not had one recording dropout/glitch with Ardour YET! I am still shocked… I’ll shutup so you can get back to work :o

Thanks, (P.S. where should I send the bags of koffee?)

I don’t know of any plugins for Ardour on Linux that could do this right now.

are there any plans to be able to use plugins that support midi directly in ardour? ie dssi plugins or the new lv2(i think) plugins, or even vsti? it would be incredibly useful to be able to do so, rather than just use external programs, as keeping all settings for all plugins/instruments etc in one project/session file is very useful.


porl: yes, Dave plans instrument tracks: MIDI in -> synth plugin, audio out, if I’m not mistaken.
Don’t know if there will be DSSI support, could be LV2 only, in the hope of ports and new plugins appearing soon enough.

thanks for the quick response. that’s great to hear :slight_smile:

by the way have any of your ideas for the midi editing interface that we were discussing a while back (obviously not the look of the notes etc, but that’s understandable) gone into the actual implementation? there were some great ideas proposed by various people in there and i’m keen to see which, if any, came to light :slight_smile:


porl: no, nothing.

oh, that’s a shame. still, i’m sure they know what they are doing :slight_smile: i’m looking forward to see how it all works :slight_smile: