Hydrogen + Ardour: File export issue

I recent created a project using some speech synthesis software and hydrogen for a drum track. I was able to record off hydrogen well enough, and can hear the drum track playing when I’m listening in Ardour…but when I export the track to a wav, aiff, or mp3, the drum track dissappears. Any ideas what might be going on or what I might be missing?

Let me know what additional information you might need to help me out.


First of all you can’t export to mp3, and I’m not sure if aiff is an option either, so there seems to be some confusion there.

But as for not hearing the drum track; do you see its waveform in Ardour? Perhaps you haven’t actually recorded it but are only hearing it playing along from Hydrogen.
Also check the export settings and make sure you export the Master outs and not only the speech track.

You can definitely export to AIFF on the Mac OS X version, and you can export to MP3 once you load the LAME library. So, no confusion on that on my end.

And yes, I can see the wave form in Ardour, and I exported the master track, as opposed to individual tracks. There were a total of 6 tracks on the recording, 4 of them were vox, one was a backing MP3 that I imported, and the 6th was the drum track. All came through except the drum track.

Any other ideas?