Hydragravity - For Any Given Space(Ambient - Post Rock - Trip hop - Shoegaze)

Hello everyone! I have composed and recorded fully in ardrour-linux environment this 3-track EP.
It has a soundtrack-ish feeling, with post rock vibes (my main instrument is guitar) and ambient touches.
Hope you enjoy, cheers to the whole community!


Very beautiful! :slight_smile: Can you say a bit more about which plugins you used and which parts are analog and which digital (I mean, which instruments did you record and what was done with plugins)?

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Hey, really glad you enjoyed it! This EP it’s all made with plugins, the guitar parts are the clean signal processed through amp modeling. I’m using Tonelib-GFX for the amp modeling and effects. Other than that ZynAddSubFx is my main synth-pad plugin(and also for some beats). For EQs, compressors and stuff for the most part I use the Calf suite, even though when I fist got into linux audio production I used some plugins from Guitarix for that kind of stuff. Here’s a mixer screenshot for the “Any given space” track. If you want any extra or more detailed info for specific sounds from this or the other tracks I’d be glad to share it. Cheers!

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