Hum/buzz removal

I’m going a bit crazy today trying to notch out some higher frequency buzz harmonics from 60Hz line noise. I had a chance to record an old Serge synth, but ended up with a lot of this buzz under everything. I’ve been scanning around with the notch filters in Jamin, and discovered that the fundamental isn’t really there but the higher harmonics are… and seemingly lots of them. It’s pretty tedious to draw the notches by hand in Jamin, and there are only three parametric notches available. Can anyone recommend a better solution?

@LeatusPenguin: festige is built on the same work that Torben Hohn and myself did that eventually gave rise to Ardour’s own VST support. It may have a few extra tweaks but it is fundamentally the same thing, and the question “how well does it work?” depends more on Wine than anything else.

Sorry… 50Hz, it was in Finland. Shouldn’t be too relevant to the topic however…

No easy answer for you sorry. I have Festige running WaveARTS MR suite for restoration purposes and they have a nice Hum/Buzz filter depending on what I am dealing with that can deal with harmonics and obviously make it easy, but I doubt that will help you much. Audio Restoration is a very weak area on Linux still.


I’m on OSX and was eyeing the Wave Arts stuff. Not sure I want to take the plunge into buying more software yet. Just sprung for Harrison MixBus which seems quite nice. Ah well, Audacity Noise Removal it is for now…

@SeaBlade: I’m looking at the WaveArts Mr Buzz plugin on sale somewhere. It’s standard AU, have you tried running it in Ardour? Should work, right?

Yes it works fine on OS X in Ardour or Mixbus in my experience. I haven’t run them there for a while as I transferred my licenses to my Linux/WINE install but I don’t see any reason that would cease to be the case. Download the demo first(Fully functional 30 day) and see if it addresses your problem, if it does, then buy it. I have both their MR Suite and Power Suite and have been fairly happy with them across the board.


Thanks much! Good to know the demo is fully functional.


As Paul alluded to, it is all one big crapshoot as to what will work. I have found, for instance my restoration plugins or power suite from WaveARTs work perfectly well for instance, but that doesn’t mean I expect all to work. If the plugin uses iLok for instance, don’t plan on it working. Challenge/Response mechanisms tend to work, but copy protection is always a touchy thing in this sort of situation.

The big thing for me, and the reason I am using Festige is threefold. First, Neither A2 or Mixbus v2 does multithreaded DSP, and for things like a restoration plugin, this allows me to balance my load better. Second, if a plugin crashes I don’t want it taking down the entire DAW, and running Windows plugins via Wine means it is that much more likely to crash(Though I haven’t experienced much problem in this manner, I prefer to be safe). Third Mixbus (rightly) doesn’t support loading Windows VSTs like you can compile Ardour to do. I have no intention of suggesting that it should as I would prefer the stable product.

Disadvantages come down primarily to complication in session management, and ability to automate plugins. For what I am using them for that isn’t a huge deal, but for some things it would be. So it depends on the usage that is going to determine if those are huge deals or not.

In the end I MUCH prefer to use LADSPA and LV2, but some things, like realtime restoration, just don’t compare much if there are even options at all. I posted a screenshot and description of my typical workflow today in fact if you can see it (Not sure how G+ handles this)…


I thought festige and fst both required and use, a wine installation.
(dependencies?) I would think that the more msoft api that is available to a plugin,
the better the success rate would be.

(oh, wait, that implies that the msoft code actually ‘works’
well enough to be worth implementing!)

google vsts work wineasio 2012

and some working plugins will be mentioned


Not sure exactly what you are trying to say here… Yes Festige and FST both depend on Wine, as I mentioned above, but not sure as to what you are trying to say with the rest of your post.

On the original topic, I have also now tried out the demos of Izotope RX2 Advanced with good success. I have purchased RX2 (Normal) and am awaiting delivery, provided the authorization is not an issue(Which can be a big IF) then I would say there is a chance of using them as well.