howto export multiple tracks to create a new project ?

Hi all,

I’m a newby :frowning:
I have a project 2 hours long containing 3 songs.
It is now unmanageable.
I’d like to export part of this project and to create a new project for each song.
There is an unselectable option in
session/export/export/ export ??? into several audio files
howto use this option ? (it is ardour v2)


A3 has this feature, A2 does not.


Afraid I don’t follow your question.

The export dialog for A2, only creates 2 track exports, and you select which tracks, generally the Master Bus Left and Right are used, but you could use pretty much anything in the session, but only export up to a stereo/dual-mono file at a time. So if you wanted to export every track individually in a range, you would need to repeat the export multiple times.

A3 on the other hand has ‘stem export’ which does this automatically for you.


When searching yesterday, I arrived to use this option by putting 2 marks, right click on the first mark, create a range to next mark.
The export showed me a box with the list of the tracks… but only a bad master mixed was created.

Well what if the new version put the mess inside the actual work I did ?