Howto Change Defaults for Import MIDI?

When I import a MIDI songfile all the tracks default to “a-Reasonable Synth”.

I’d like to change that to “a-Fluid Synth” with a gm compliant soundfont. I would be nice to be able to easily change the default soundfont.

I tried “Calf Fluidsynth” Ardour 5.12.0 on a Ubuntu Studio 18.10. It crashes when I try to add to the plugin.

In test cases, I tried a lot of ways to change Reasonable to Fluid synth. Most of them didn’t work. So far, the best I have been able to come up with is tedious and time-consuming. Maybe, there is a better way I have not found.

I was wondering why there is not an option to delete a single plugin in a chain just “Clear (all)”, “Clear (pre-fader)”, and "Clear (post-fader). I would think folks replacing a single plugin in a chain would be fairly common. But, what do I know? I’ve just begun trying Ardour. And, I have not had time to do more than scratching the surface of the documentation.

Click on plugin name in the mixer strip. Press the Delete key. Done.

Anyway, what you actually want to do if you didn’t pick the right instrument during import is to right click on the processor box (where plugins, inserts, sends are shown) and insert the new instrument plugin you want to use instead.

There’s no area in the GUI where you can change the “default” used when importing MIDI, nor the soundfont that a-fluid will initially use.

You can select the synth to use in the Import Dialog. There is a instrument dropdown.

By default “General Midi Synth” (gmsynth.lv2) is used. That plugin is bundled with Ardour binaries (from If that plugin is not found, the fallback is “a-reasonable synth” which the only synth plugin that is known to be always available.


gmsynth.lv2 is missing. I wonder what else is missing.

Now, I have to figure out why it’s missing. And, fix it.

Where did you get Ardour from? ?

Actually, I was using the version preinstalled on my Ubuntu Studio 18.10 system.

I subscribed, downloaded and installed a new version.

Everything is now much healthier.

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I juste downloaded today and the included gm sf2 doesn’t provide the drum channel (channel 10)

Looks like this was not the case earlier on I would say.

For my case i did a “cp /usr/lib/lv2/avldrums.lv2/Black_Pearl_4_LV2.sf2 /opt/Ardour-6.7.0/lib/LV2/gmsynth.lv2/GeneralUser_LV2.sf2” to get a working drumkit since i just needed drums but this is an awfull “hack” (not have to say i am totally DAW newbie).

Great soft !!! even on RPI4 4G to get a good midi drum/live guitar sequencer :smiley: