How to use presets with airwindows vst plugins?

Is there a way to use presets in airwindows plugins?

I can save presets and find them in ~/Library/Preferences/Ardour6 but after recalling a preset the settings don’t change, neither visually nor auditory.
It doesn’t work on Linux (Mixbus 32C 7.2.0 (rev 7.2) Intel 64-bit and
MacOS (Ardour 6.9.0 “After Bach” (rev6.9) Intel 64-bit.

Is this maybe a known issue, a design flaw of airwindows plugins? Google didn’t help very much.


Good day,

I can understand if something doesn’t work.
I don’t want to discourage you with the Airwindows plugins either.

Have you taken a closer look at Mixbus32 and Ardor? All plugins presented by Airwindows are already integrated and available in some form in Mixbus32 and Ardor.

An example: Airwindows provides a plugin that should emphasize the middle of a stereo sound. In Mixbus32 and Ardor, add a “New External Send” to a stereo track, route it to mono, and set the desired level.

Same effect as in Airwindows.
Try it out a bit.
Sometimes additional plugins are completely superfluous.

Sounds like you are using the VST2 version, perhaps try VST3 (or AudioUnit on mac)?

It is/was a bug in Ardour.

Ardour expected that VST2 plugins that save presets/state using VST program-chunks (rather than control ports) to have a custom GUI. Loading presets is delegated to the GUI in this case.

It is an odd choice by Airwindows to use that mechanism. Since their plugins only have control ports, there is no need for vendor specific data-chunks.

Anyway, fixed now, will be in tomorrow’s nightly build and upcoming Ardour 7.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Robin you are my hero!
Thank you very much to dive into that.

Robin . . . When will Ardor 7.0 be released now?

same answer as always: When it’s ready :slight_smile:

The first release candidate was tagged a few hours ago. So it depends how many release critical issues are found, and how long it takes to fix them. There is also another round of translation updates. It could take a week or a month. We’ll see.


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