how to use NEW ffado "-d firewire" instead of "-d freebob" ?

I’m just trying to make ardour work with my new Echo Audiofire Box … everything works fine when i start jack (latest version from svn) via qjackctl or shell using the “-d firewire” option, but when i choose the “FFADO” option in the ardour audio setup dialog, ardour tries to start jack with the “-d freebob” option… is there a possibility to change ?

btw Ardour refuses to start up when jack is already running …

Asus Notebook Centrino2 /w Gentoo Linux (2.6.27 vanilla)
Ardour 2.5
Jack 0.114
Echo AudioFire4 / FFADO (NEW, NOT freebob)

please file this sort of stuff in the bug/issue tracker. forums are not the appropriate place for bug reports.

Actually I thought this would be more kind of an configuration issue as some users might want to use the old freebob … but i’ll try anyway …