How to use Ardour with an external USB sound card?


I am trying to use Ardour with an external USB mixer (Alesis Multimix4) in Xubuntu.

In the xfce sound settings, I can turn off the internal sound card and use the USB mixer instead as an I/O. This works for all desktop applications. However, Ardour ignores this and continues to use the laptop’s built-in sound card.

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance.

As said before, you will have better luck to start Ardour with Jack. Actually, you have to ! So, erase completely Pulseaudio before install Jackd (there’s howto in Ubuntu forums, and in Linux musicians site)

Good luck !

@stratojaune: Don’t confuse the beginner! You don’t have to erase pulseaudio. He just haven’t configured Jack to use his external audio-interface.

Agree, no need to remove anything! Just switch what is used…

Well… maybe you’re right dbra & smurf, but here nothing is possible if pulse is inside the machine…