How to upgrade?

I’m currently running Ardour 2.05 under Ubuntu Sudio 7.10 Gusty. I finally got everything running good now so I’m a little nervous about trying to upgrade without any info.
Do I need to UG to Hardy first which I don’t know how to do either or can I UG from where I am? Either way how would I UG?


Gutsy is still a great Audio distro, Ardour 2.6.1 runs just fine on Gutsy, you don’t need to upgrade to Hardy or Intrepid just to use the latest version of Ardour. I actually used Hardy for a time and returned to Gutsy for several reasons, that being said Ubuntu Studio 7.10 certainly is embarrassingly out of date. Check out the EMA Tech Repository, A kind hearted soul has gone to the trouble of updating most common and core Audio goodies for Feisty, Gutsy and Hardy, these are by far better packages than Ubuntu Studio.

Here is the URL:

Thanks for the ideas.
Would you recommend installing Gusty from the live CD on a new computer & then just adding
the stuff from the EMA repos instead of installing Ubuntu Studio?
I only use Ardour for audio & Rosegarden for midi synced with jack. I haven’t figured out
how to use vsti’s yet or how to use my giga samples either. I’m converting from Cakewalk &
Gigastudio & Kontact.

Hi Again,

I would 100% agree with what you said, just do a base Gutsy install…do all updates…Add the EMA-Tech repo/packages as necessary. Ubuntu Studio is well intentioned but throws every thing including the kitchen sink at you, and the fact is not all Linux A/V apps are worth having installed.

As far as VSTi’s unfortunately due to licensing issues with Steinberg over their VST SDK you will either have to learn to compile Ardour with VST support for yourself, or you will have to compile DSSI-VST for yourself. This is the only legal way that Linux Developers and consequently end-users can do this, Ubuntu Gutsy has all the required libraries in it’s repos to build ArdourVST if you closely follow the instructions here:

As far as Gigasampler banks your best bet would be to convert them to Soundfonts (I use VSampler3 or AWave Studio in Windows) and use them in QSynth.

Hope this helps, Best of luck.

Post back if you need more help.

I am working on a “Gutsy Reloaded” version that will come with all the “best” multimedia and A/V packages, latest updates and updated programs and Development libraries to build ArdourVST included. Also it will have extended specialized repos included like EMA-Tech. When I have it finished I will put it up on my website for download. I won’t be offering a forum or much support. It is really just sharing my own setup ISO with others. It probably won’t be finished for a couple of weeks, The Gutsy Cinelerra packages are broken right now, but the repo maintainer has promised to fix them so I’m waiting for that among other things.