How to update libjack on Ubuntu 10.04 ?

I’m trying to build Ardour fillowing the documentation, but it seems i have trouble with the jack library.
I currently have JACK installed, but when I run scons VST=1 and checks for libraries it says:

Checking for jack... no jack >= 0.120.0 not found
I've checked and currently have version 0.118 of JACK and it won't update. I can't find any information on updating to the current or later version of JACK.

Could you guys give me a hand?


you could compile jack…or switch distros :slight_smile: (avlinux)

If you do compile JACK you are going to have to patch over your existing one, since removing it is not possible, too many packages depend on it, read this page:

you will have to set your prefix to where your original JACK installation is.

Thanks guys!
I updated my Ubuntu distro to 11.10 and now JACK is updated!