How To Update Ardour on OSX.


What are the steps and procedures to install a new update on OSX?
I am running OSX SL 10.6.3 with Ardour 2.8.7 and would like to update to 2.8.9.
This will be my first update of Ardour on a MAC.

Just download the current version and replace your installed version with it, wherever it was you had installed it (most likely in the Applications folder). It’s as simple as that.

It’s not even necessary to delete the old version, but in the event you don’t (delete the old one), you’ll want to rename it, or both of them, since they’re both probably named ‘Ardour’ and will have trouble existing in the same directory.

Having two (or more!) versions can sometimes be useful for troubleshooting, comparing and when you just can’t wait to try the latest but you’re hesitant to dump the previous version in the middle of a project. But be careful! Make a new ‘test’ user and only test on copies of current sessions to avoid mucking up your mission critical stuff.