How to update 2.8.14 with 3.5.308 in Ubuntu Studio 13.04?


I’ve bought 3.5.308 a few hours ago and want to upgrade 2.8.14 with it in Ubuntu Studio 13.04. The installation instructions on the download page don’t come close to what’s required by Ubuntu Studio for a successful installation. Can anyone help?


Hello Rob :slight_smile:

you needn’t to upgrade Ardour 2 with Ardour 3, you can just install Ardour 3 independently and use both versions - they do not interfere.

To install Ardour 3: Just open your file manager and unpack the Ardour 3 installation folder. Afterwards go into the new folder (it should have a name like “Ardour_64bit-3.5.308-dbg” if it’s a 64bit system) and double-click the file “”. A small terminal window will open, you will be asked to type your password - and the installation starts.

Sometimes (not always, it seems) the system will ask you if you want to uninstall Ardour 2.8.14. If you still have Ardour 2 projects on your pc it might be wise to keep Ardour 2 on your system (at least I carefully keep it), for Ardour 3 cannot handle Ardour 2 projects completely. Ardour 2 doesn’t need a lot of space on your disk so it’s no obstacle for your work with Ardour 3. And even when you are fond of Ardour 3 (like me) Ardour 2 still is a fine DAW system :-).


Hi Michael

Thanks for your detailed reply - it worked! The mistake I made was accidentally downloading the 64-bit instead of the 32-bit version - bad way to waste a good afternoon. Much obliged. I’ve been in the music business for some time working with different packages and have monitored Ardour’s progress over the years. The idea of recording / mixing in an open source app with this kind of power is very appealing, particularly now as it seems to be coming into its own.

Thanks again

its a very idea to keep v2.xxxxx as loading sessions in v3 is not guaranteed to work correctly. I have loaded a few projects in v3 successfully but there have been cases of slight problems.

Anyway, have fun with ardour. it really is fantastic software.