How to unistall plugins-packages

I want to uninstall swh, tap, cmt and caps-plugins packages downloaded from this site. How to do it?

Now I can’t use any plugins in native OSX version. When I try to right click in the mixer’s plugin area, nothing happens. Native 2.3 version should include all the plugins?? Maybe there’s some kind of conflict between previously installed plugins and ardour package?

hi, i really don’t know much about mac, but perhaps this can help you:


The plugins are located in either




You should be able to simply remove the plug-ins in those folders to remove the ladspa plugins. HOWEVER, I have those and the native version installed and seem to be able to access them, so I’m not sure that is your problem. How are you right clicking? With an actual multi-button mouse? ctrl-click? This may make a difference, and if ‘nothing’ is happening, this is more my suspicion.