How to tweak the peakmeters' height?

I’m a beginner when it comes to using Ardour, and after using it a bit I have the following, purely GUI-based issue : When in Mixer view, the peakmeters take most of the space, and there is almost no room left for the plugins section (see image).

I looked around in the Appearance preferences, but could not find any way to reduce the height of (or even removing altogether would be ok) the peakmeter section.

When watching tutorials online, their GUI seems a lot better, but I could not get the same proportions. I have a 2880x1800 screen, and playing with the overall scale does not help (I’m confortable at 200% right now). Maybe it has to do with the fact that GNOME has a zoom preset on every window to compensate for my screen’s high DPI…

Any idea how to fix this ? Or maybe a feature to tweak the peakmeters height is missing ?
Curious to know if anyone had a similar problem

Thanks a lot

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