How to turn on count down

How to turn on count down before recording in Ardour?

Ardour has not have a fixed count-in/down. It does have punch-in and punch out. Set the punch range (either by dragging in the punch ruler, or directly from the punch clocks). Enable punch in, punch out or both. Then put the playhead wherever you want with respect to the punch range. Rec-enable the track, and the global transport button, the roll. Nothing will happen till the transport reaches the punch in or punch out marker (or both).

Ok. Thanks a lot!

The thing is, if the musicians are playing from a score, recording engineers of little brain like me have difficulty because the bar number in the printed music is then different from the one on the display. Even subtracting 2 is quite hard when I’m stressed about other things. Is there a way to offset e.g. the secondary clock globally by e.g. 2 bars? That would do it. I know about making the clock relative to the edit point, but that’s not quite what’s needed.