How to transcribe fast? Midi legatize and overlap are deleting notes

I’m using Ardour for transcribing piano music played by artists to sheetmusic. It is recorded as a midi file.
After I set all Midi notes on time by using the Quantize… option, my next task is to give the notes the right length. It is obvious that the pianist doesn’t hold the notes exactly for 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 … sometimes the notes are overlapping, too.

Until now I transform every note to a “standard”-length an then stretch every note manually. This is a lot of work and I’m hoping to find a faster method.

I tried the “legalize” and the “remove overlap” option in the right click menu. It works fine until there are two notes exactly starting at the same time. Then it deletes one note.

Is there a better solution for transcribing music? Maybe using the transform menu?

Thank you

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try Frescobaldi. It converts midi to notation. Then you can use it as a notation editor. Ardour is not designed for what you want to do.
There are other applications that do what Frescobaldi does also.
edited to add:
Frescobaldi is a front end to lilypond. You might want to look at that also, but it requires a lot of learning.

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I took a look at the program, but as you said you have to learn it :see_no_evil:. I use musescore to convert the midi files.
Without previous adjustment to the midi file the conversion looks so complicated and horrible.
That’s why I try to fix most notes in ardour before editing in musescore.

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