How to time warp, tempo track, bind audio to tempo, musical mode

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How do I bind audio-track to follow tempo changes.

Cubase analog: musical mode checkbox in the audio pool.

Many othe DAWs call it time warp (tempo wrap) and do it by default for imported audio files (e.g. Bitwig, Abletone).

You need to disable audio warp if you want listen imported audio loops separate from tempo or independent from tempo.

Is it possible to activate or turn on some mode in Ardour to make audio track follow tempo, make it glue to tempo, change it’s speed acording to tempo with or without pitch shft?

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Ardour does not automatically stretch audio material to fit tempo. You can do that manually using the TimeFX tool. MIDI regions will stretch automatically. If you care about the position of audio material, the context menu for audio regions includes a “Lock To Musical Time” option which will keep at the same Bar|Beat position as tempo/meter are changed.

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Google doesn’t work in China, site’s search doesn’t work to me too (long load and same result as just go to the I tried Yahoo and Bing searching for “Time Stretch” and saw this results:

Also I tried to see the manual for Working with Tempo and Meter and manually searched 30 forum pages for keyword “Temp” )
So I did the search. But maybe I was look for “how to do it”, so I didn’t see the the answer that Ardour can not do it yet :slight_smile:

Is this TimeFX tool?

Yeah, I understand how to use that if I have a loop in tempo 120bpm, 4 bars. And I my project I have 130bpm, so I can stretch the loop to fit project. But I can not imagine how can I manually stretch a whole 3 min. track to fit a new tempo, or make it fit a ramp tempo changes.

The workflow of Ardour is currently centered on recording, editing and mixing musicians playing instruments of some sort. It is (currently) not attempting to provide the tools that have become associated with modern pop production, in which audio is stretched and warped at will. Perhaps one day we’ll provide those sorts of capabilities, but they are outside of the focus of our current developers.

You didn’t find anything about time stretching because in Ardour it really has very little to do with tempo and meter, at least not inherently. People probably use the capability more for sound design than for fitting 120bpm loops into a 130 bpm 4-on-the-floor beat-driven piece. But who knows …

I got it. Thanks for replay. Anyway I found Ardour great peace of software. You did a great job :v: