How to split midi keyboard

Hello All

I’m using ardour on manjaro with a Oxygen Pro Mini keyboard, what is working okay for me.
No I like to find out how to split the keyboard in two sections one for piano and one for another instrument

Did somebody have a solution for that?

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I havent tried it, but you should be able to use x42’s MIDI filter plugins to accomplish a similar result. I assume you are using the virtual keyboard.

MIDI Keysplit from :

Hi, I have achieved this by creating a MIDI bus, adding the Robin’s MIDI Keysplit plugin and sending each half (or whatever part) of the tones to a specific MIDI channel.
Then setup two MIDI tracks, each with the MIDI Channel Filter plugin, only accepting one of the channels from the bus, of course making the required MIDI connections between the bus and the tracks.
Each of the tracks can then have any instrument you want. This can be extended to more than two parts as well, by adding another “splitter bus”.

Hello Schmitty and Martin

thanks for your feedback I installed x42 plugins and I tried the way Martin suggested,

Midi Keybord Input into the Midi Bus and Input of the two midi channels set to Midi bus
and it works
Add Keysplit Plugin into the midi bus

at next post I will add more pictures

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Here the Keysplit connections

I don`t know if that is correct because the splitting did not work

if I set the midi channel filter at each midi channel and set as showed

at the picture = no sound out

If somebody give me a tip will be great meanwhile I will continue to try to get it work

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You need to move the midi plugin to the top of the chain. Above the Dsk sax and surge. Having a MIDI plugin last in the chain prevents the audio of the vsts from passing through, as MIDI has no audio channels.

Midi filter
Vst instrument

Hello Schmitty

Thank you very much !!

Now it works GREAT

I wrote a short tutorial what I will share with the next replies



Here the short tutorial