how to split an recorded audio ?region?

how to split an recorded audio region in ardour 2.8.11.
the context menu opening on right clicking on a region shows a disabled split entry. ?why?
some years ago when i was much younger than today this worked fine. and all my troubles seemed so far away.

best wolke

Place the edit point (whatever you have it set to) where you want the split to occur and press ‘s’ while the region you want to split is selected.

the context menu entry is disabled as it makes no sense when the edit point is set to the mouse as you have to move the mouse to select the entry. I cant remember off hand if it is enabled when anything other that mouse is set to the edit point.

I would recommend reading the entire manual, however that page in particular covers your question quite nicely.

typed on my n900 so sorry about spelling and capitalization.:wink:


Wouldn’t it make sense for the edit point to be the place where the mouse was right clicked, and freeze while the context menu is displayed, and for the menu entry to remain selectable?

That was something already discussed and if i remember correctly much more difficult to implement. It is far better for you to use the ‘s’ shortcut when using the mouse as the edit point IMO than to depend on a right click, and if you prefer to use the right click method to have the playhead be the edit point so that it is always clear exactly where the edit point is located…


@anahata: that would work for the context menu, but not for the top level menus that contain the same action. this is an issue.