How to solo a bus and then one of its tracks without unsoloing the bus?


In this Mixbus video, around minute 10:44 he has soloed the drums bus, and then he soloes the snare track without unsoloing the bus.

If I try to do that in Ardour, e.g. create a bus, send all the drum tracks to it, then solo the bus and then solo the snare track, it doesn’t work. The snare doesn’t get soloed and I still hear all the drums.

What is the proper way of setting up the bus/session/Ardour so that you can solo a bus and also individual parts of the bus without unsoloing the bus?

If this was possible in Mixbus it has to be possible in Ardour as well, right?


hold CTRL+ALT and klick on that snare solo switch.
Now you listen snare only.

That’s not the same. Note that when he soloes the snare, the drums bus is still soloed. If I press Ctrl+Alt+Solo, everything else becomes unsoloed including the drums bus

my one not :slight_smile:

How do you “send” your drums to that bus?
Considering two terms in audio engineers dictionary, sends arent good idea for
building a bus group. Dont use prefader sends for buses. Change all outs of drum chnls from master to bus!!!
its ardours fantastic feature, bus knows that all the drums are “locked with its own solo bus”. So, when i click on snares solo, bus is comming with!!!
Its solo button gets nice green fence which means " im in that group"…
Ctrl+Alt is in case you pressed solo on bus! Its getting green and all drumms routed to it became soloed, now holding Ctrl+Alt and klick on snare solo will switch to “just snare soloed plus soloed bus”, bus solo is included.
try it

nedzad: first of all how do you know I replied? as far as I know you can’t get notifications from this forum

I’m not using aux sends for the drums bus, I’m simply outputting the drums to the bus and the bus to master, e.g. the drums signal isn’t arriving twice to master
Do you mean I should keep Ctrl+Alt pressed before pressing Solo on the snare? That doesn’t work either

But i can see that you replied.
Thats right, hold Ctr+Alt and klick solo of snare chnl, but in case you soloed your bus.
What is your system, which ardour you use?

I’m using Ardour 4.1 on Linux 64-bit

start global settings (ALT+P)
and go to solo/mute settings.
See what you can set.
give feedback

I did change the solo/mute settings and experimented a little but I couldn’t get this exact behaviour.
The closest thing I can do is create a group containing all the drum tracks, disable the group, and mute/unmute all tracks with Ctrl+Click before muting/unmuting individual parts.
Maybe the guy in the video was using shortcuts like me, but I can’t tell for sure until I try it in Mixbus (which I can’t use).
Does anyone have Mixbus here?

Download A/V linux, its debian based and mixbus demo is on it.
you saw this?

Mixbus demo is on AVLinux?! I didn’t know that, will download AVLinux inmediately!
Thank you nedzad, this last comment of yours was really helpful. I’ll report back when I have tested Mixbus

OK, I tested AVLinux (after a lot of failed attempts) and now I can tell you don’t need to change any settings nor use any shortcuts to get this behaviour.
But I still don’t know how to do this in Ardour. If anyone finds out please reply.