How to slowly wind down the tempo

Hi! I am working on a song in Ardour that will have Hyrdogen drums. I’d like the last 3 bars (nine quarter notes I think) of the song to slowly wind down with just that final note on the one of the last bar. Anyway what would be the best way to approach that? Can Ardour do it, or would it be controlled by Hydrogen?


Starting from the assumption that you not using Hydrogen:

Add a tempo change near the end, and in the dialog that shows up, choose a ramped tempo and specify the beginning and end tempos. You can clamp them if you do not want them to be alterable by neighboring tempos.


Now, regarding Hydrogen: other JACK clients cannot follow ramped tempo changes. They will do an approximate job, but it may be inadequate for your purposes. You can try adding a series of individual tempo changes in Ardour, which may work better.

Alternatively, find someway to do it within Hydrogen (others may have some ideas about this).

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I believe I had success a while ago using klick and klick2ardour.
Then, last time I tried hydrogen ran out of sync when winding or jumping back and forth within ardour.

I don’t know if this is solved meanwhile.

I never tried ramped tempi with Hydrogen but if ramped tempo in Ardour doesn’t synchronized well with Hydrogen, you could first export the drums till the tempo change (or record them in Ardour).

Once in ardour, add the tempo change as @paul described, import the samples you’re using in hydrogen into Ardour and fill the last bars manually. Considering it’s only a few bars it would be a pragmatic solution.

I introduced three discrete tempo changes and that worked fine. Thank you all for your help!

To piggyback on this, you can load Hydrogen drumkits in the LSP Multisampler plugin and then program your drums within Ardour, which would make this kind of gradual tempo change way easier to manage and also not require you to use the JACK transport function to synchronize across applications.

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