How to show the MIDI toolbar

In the Ardour 7.0 announcement, one of the bullets under “MIDI Editing” said: “Provide a toolbar menu to explicitly select note-length, channel and velocity.”

I watched an Unfa video (thank you Unfa) and it was shown on the same row as the nudge clock. I looked for it in Preferences, etc, but couldn’t find how to display the toolbar. How can the toolbar be displayed in Ardour 7.3.0? Thanks! Much appreciated.

Select a MIDI track, press D.

Thank you!!! I don’t know where else I could’ve found that info. I searched the manual etc and went through all menus in Ardour to no avail. I greatly appreciate you help.

You are welcome :slight_smile:.

Actually, to insert new MIDI notes, or to draw a MIDI region, at a given moment you will have to go into draw mode, and then eventually the toolbar would be visible.

Talking about that, I would like to express a related wish to the developers: would it be possible to have the same toolbar also visible in edit mode?

When in either Draw Mode or Internal edit mode, it would be good to set a note length in beats by right-clicking a MIDI note and editing the Length parameter. Also, not sure why the MIDI length, channel etc are not displayed in Internal Edit mode, but are displayed in Draw mode in the toolbar area.

If there’s way to change the Length units to beats, instead of clicks, in the far right Length section where it displays 0960 in the screenshoot, please let me know. That would be great.

Not sure if you are asking for something different, but I think the middle field (|00| in your screenshot) represents beats. AFAIK the units are bar|beat|tick. I can change the values either dragging in the field with the mouse up or down, or directly tipping the values in (it starts from the far right, then you have to add zeros to pan the value, a bit cumbersome but it works here).

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