How to set up a track that works with the MIDI Guitar plugin from Jam Origin

I am running Ardour 4.2 under Windows and I am trying to set up a track that will receive MIDI input from the MIDI Guitar 2 plugin by Jam Origin.

I am guessing the right type of track for this purpose would be the Audio+MIDI track. After I add this type of track, I am able to add the plugin and when I open it, I see that it receives audio input and is able to recognize the notes. But I have no idea how to set up Ardour to record MIDI data inside the same track.

I managed to record the MIDI data by creating another, MIDI only track and patching the output from the first to the second.

I tired to link the MIDI output and input on the Audio+MIDI track, but it didn’t work.
Is it possible to set this up only with the Audio+MIDI track?

You don’t really want an audio + midi track. Its more for plugins that process audio and make midi or take midi input to manipulate the audio. Just a midi track is what you need. Input your midi guitar to the track, add a synthesizer or sampler or whatever and then ardour will record the midi and playback the audio it generates. Does that make sense?

If I try to add the MIDI Guitar plugin to the MIDI only track, I get an error -

You attempted to add the plugin “MIDI Guitar 2” in slot 1.
This plugin has 1 MIDI input and 2 audio inputs, but at the insertion point, there are: 1 MIDI channel and 2 audio chanels.
Ardour is unable to insert the plugin here.

I should add that I am using the Reasonable Synth plugin to play the MIDI tracks.
It appears as another plugin in the Mixer, and I am trying to add the MIDI Guitar plugin before Reasonable Synth.
If I take out the Reasonable Synth plugin, I am able to add the MIDI Guitar plugin.
Then there is another issue - there doesn’t seem to be any audio input in MIDI Guitar.

ok, sorry, I made a bad assumption that your midi guitar is recognized by windows as a midi source. Since it is a plugin that may complicate it. I’d say the best thing is to make 2 midi tracks have the 1st track with your midi guitar plugin only then route the output of that track to another midi track with a different synth plugin (like reasonable synth). I still don’t think an audio+midi track is the answer here.

heck, sorry, I keep getting it wrong. I didn’t understand what that plugin did. I think you are right about audio +midi. Use that to host the midi guitar plugin then connect the midi output of the audio+midi track to a midi only track with reasonable synth.