How to separate MIDI drum tracks?

Hello, I’ve been trying for hours to get drum sample sounds to different tracks, so i can apply different EQ, Comp, Reverb amount, etc. I’m using the VST Sitala, wich has an option to send the different drum sounds into 16 different tracks. I know this can be done because the Red Zeppelin and Black Pearl drum kits have a function to separate the sounds into 9 different tracks.

Anyway the closest i got to achieve this is to have 32 tracks (i supouse left and right to each one) playing with the options of the new track window, but i don’t understand what the software is doing, I really just need 16 tracks.

I’ve searched up in the forum but i didn’t find the solution to this, and in youtube there are some tutorials for doing this in other DAW’s, but not in Ardour.

Thank you very much if there’s someone around here to help me :frowning_face:

Hello again, after a few more attempts i finally did it by modifying the audio outs of the midi track (right click on the track title in the mixer, then pin connections) had to manually connect each output to an audio track (green color).

Now i modify my question: Is there a way to connect 2 or more outputs to 1 audio track? I don’t know if there’s some way to do this (in order to, for example, connect the hihat and the cymbals into one track and the toms into another).

Greetings! :smiley:

Using Ardour’s routing possibilities you can connect almost everything with everything… From few tracks to one track/bus, or from one to different.
Just navigate the mouse on the buttons in the mixer strip (or in the editor mixer) and find the INPUT (at the upper side as you’ve found) or the OUTPUT(at the bottom) - click with the right mouse button. It will open the routing matrix. Now connect all desired signals.

-A short video (expanded you question- “to connect 2 or more outputs to 1 audio track / bus”):

May be it’ll be interesting to look at an open source alternative (a sampler from LSP):

-the routing technic is the same.

THANK YOU! THAT WAS JUST WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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