How to See Errors from Lua DSP Scripts

Hi all,

I’m working right now on putting together a small MIDI processor Lua DSP script, but when I load it something is clearly going wrong, since Ardour refuses to un-bypass it. I’m assuming that’s because the script is throwing an error. Does Ardour provide a way to see errors from Lua DSP scripts? Or, if not, is there a workaround for debugging them during development?


Yes, that is a runtime error.

Errors are logged at Menu > Window > Log ; and debug builds of ardour also print it to stderr.

more later – merry x-mas!

Thanks Robin – Merry Christmas!

Huh. That’s where I had been looking, and no Lua-related line items were showing up… Generally, depending on the type of error, it would either crash Ardour or just show nothing.

I’ll test some more and see what I find.