How to screen record audio and ardour

How to get obs studio or simple screen recorder to work with ardour (or jack)?
I can get jack and ardour working.
Not sure how to get obs studio to use jack to get input sound.
Any help?

There is only one video out there for making ardour work with obs studio.
Yet it does not really explain how to do it. Because of this video I ended up installing kxtools ppa and all apps. But I’m clueless.

I’ll make a video if you tell me how. Seems like a chicken or the egg scenario.

simple screen recorder needs no tweaking but uses jack for autio input… then just run jack server and ardour to connect to jack and it works without any tweaking.

OBS studio needs to connect system capture to Jack Client Input (This is actually obs) Once you add, Jack as an audio input (in obs capture sources), you will see jack client on the claudia canvas.
You need carla or claudia in the canvas to draw the connections… (system capture -> Jack client)

Ftr you can use the ardour audio connection manager to connect the output of ardour to th r input in obs.

Worked like a charm and will surely be the way I will do it for now on. As promised I will make a video. Please marked this as solved.

Here is the video on how to use OBS Studio screen recorder with Ardour