How to save Track and Plugin Templates

How can I? All I found at the internet doesn’t match with my GUI. :frowning:

If File->save as template doesn’t do what you want, I don’t understand the question.

I don’t meant project template.
I want to save: “inserted FX and its config” to easily add it in another project. Like “DI Guitar distorted plugins” on a DI track.

And note that Ardour can also load up multiple plugins and their settings but NOT as a single step: you need to load the plugin and then choose the preset.

For those who want to know how to use the template after saving it:

When adding a track (right click in the blank space in the track list), choose your template from the Configuration dropdown.

Following up on this, I think one should read this:

In Ardour 5.12.0 I was able to store a bus template containing several plugins as a template. It became available from the template list after a restart of Ardour and then did the job perfectly. (Actually I saved one of my favorite reveb configurations consisting of some EQ and some impulse response stuff and other voodoo :slight_smile: )