How to save mixer settings

Hi you all,

I am wondering if mixer settings can be saved in a more usable manner, e.g. for single channel or multiple channels.

That would be very useful when mixing a recording session.

Is there any work around in this direction?


Are you mixing several songs in a single project, or opening new projects for different songs and wanting to replicate the mixer settings and plugins?

You can create a template with a number of tracks and routing, etc. Is this what you mean?

You can create a template with a number of tracks and routing, etc. Is this what you mean?

(hogiewan) I know about templates but I see no way to apply a template (eq,fx and so on) to an existing project.

(hippie) Yes, I am “opening new projects for different songs and wanting to replicate the mixer settings and plugins”

Ask for a good reason? songs migration, cubase2ardour :slight_smile:

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Tracks and their mixer settings are tightly associated, like the typical ProTools/Cubase/Sonar model.

The separation of tape machine and mixer was arguably a good thing because it allowed you to run multiple recordings through the same mix, or make multiple mixes of the same recording. This lack of separation is one of the weaknesses of the typical DAW model.

That said, it is possible to apply a mix template to an Ardour session. It’s fairly easy to inspect the session files and see how this could be done. You’d replace the “Route” sections while leaving the “Playlist” portions unchanged. You wouldn’t want to do it by hand, but it could probably be done with a modest python script.

There’s also been discussion of making “track templates” which would recall all the settings for a track. Maybe someone will implement that in the not-too-distant future.


Ok, I guessed something weird has to be done with xml!! :slight_smile:

Far from being lazy with python scripting, I think “track templates” implementation would be very appreciated by more in depth users such as recording studio owners.

Everybody wants his drum kit (or a brass section) sound the same for the entire album and manually accomplish this task would be quite an atrocity for a “pure” sound-engineer, I guess.


I guess I’m kinda stumped still at what you’re trying to achieve. I mean, if the songs are by the same band… and all recorded the same way, then why not just use the CD Markers and span each song’s tracks across the same regions? I guess what I’m trying to say is… don’t open each song in a different project. Open all the songs in the same project and use the CD Markers. That way… any plugin you apply to a singe track… applies to all the songs (so the drums or Brass sections sound the same).

To do this, import all your songs tracks and group them as necessary on the timeline. Next, much like the “loop” tool, drag your mouse across the entire span of a single song and set a CD Marker. Then, just give it a name. When you export, it will create each WAV/MP3 based on the name you gave the CD Marker.

Well, that’s a solution.
I know what markers and timeline are (I worked with cubase & multitrack recording since 2001) but that’s a really “dirty trick”, IMHO.

I would prefer to have different projects for each song, it’s quite sure I want a drum sound the same but what about fader settings for the bass or guitar, vocals… they could be different according to the song, I should work on automation…


I tried putting tracks from different songs (same recording session) on the same timeline/project but is a pain… you have to deal with track names 'cause (at least in my case) I got 2/3 takes for each song so for song#1 and a bass track named ‘bx’ results in a filename like ‘bx_01.wav’ for take #1 and ‘bx_02.wav’ for take #2 and so on. For song#2 you face the same scenario with ardour asking if you want to overwrite.

You can simply link without importing, yes that’s true, but you end up with an increasingly number of region in the project to deal with and rename to keep track… really dirty

So, I finally want to work on DOM XML and write a python script (maybe php) to achieve the goal: load track settings from one project to another one using names attributes from the element in nodes as suggested by BenLoftis.

Any suggestion in this direction is appreciated (e.g. pseudo algorithm :slight_smile: )

Yeah… I could see how that could get messy. I’m actually “recording” in Acid Pro 6 and then transferring the files over to Ardour. In Acid Pro, the WAV files are ‘pre-appended’ with the song name, so while I do have multiple tracks for the BASS, they are separated by like song1_bass1, song1_bass2, song2_bass1, song2_bass2, etc… Even though my “tracks” list is chock full of wav files, I can sort by name and get a good idea of where the tracks I need exist. To each his own… =)