How to run Ardour???

I’m not very knowledgeable about the command line and I have just refreshe myself on basic Linux Command line but I can’t get Ardour to start I see in the file instructions as to setting the LD to (empty) but I don’t know what to do without screwing it up and no luck with getting it started. I would love to use this program just need some help here. Can anyone show me where to find a step by step procedure for setting it up. Such as which folder or dir to place it in the how to set up the file to run…thanks frustrated.

@LinuxDSP likely all true, I just don’t remember the specifics of the install as I usually am running from SVN compiles anyways(Or Running Mixbus:) Thanks for the clarifications.



You are viewing a shell script, you actually just need to run that shell script. You can do this a couple of different ways, but the most common is to run it by


Obviously replace PATH TO SCRIPT with the actual path to the script whereever you put it. So if oyu put the bundle in a directory named ardour2 in your home directory and your username is someone it would be…


If the file is not marked as executable, you may need to run that as…

sh /home/someone/ardour2/


Oh gosh! Yes you were totally in another type of techincal frustration there…

Anyway, seablade came to the rescue as usual (he’s a show off but don’t tell him that)

And good choice in coming to the linux world for pro-audio. Yes you will have a kind of steep learning curve but nothing impossible or hard, just be patient and lots of good luck!


Anyway, seablade came to the rescue as usual (he's a show off but don't tell him that)

Oh don’t worry I know:) But I am still up form yesterday sometime right now so I will be heading out as well now that my late night showboating is done:)

# This is Linux-specific startup script for a bundled version of Ardour

Which I think means it would normally (if installed using the installer which comes with the bundled version of ardour) be installed to /opt, so if you must start it from the command line, you can do something like

/opt/Ardour-2.8.14_(build rev)/bin/ardour2

the specific path off /opt may vary depending upon (build rev) / A2 or A3 etc, but it should be obvious if you look around in /opt

None of this should be necessary to run ardour on a recent distro as it normally installs a (desktop) shortcut.


ardour2 (for ardour 2)
ardour3 (for ardour 3)


I believe you installed it from a package manager but its kind of a good idea to run ldconfig (as root) when you install new things mostly when you compile your own stuff so the system finds it.


EDIT: And read this…

Thanks for responding and sorry for being inexperienced, I had a full course in Linux in school for my AS degree program, but that was in 1999-2003. I can’t even get it to start at all. here’s the code…If you could tell me anything about what to do with it that would be great I just can’t find any info. on something that basic in my books or here. too much info. How do I run the Idconfig(as root) when do I do that???
I really don’t understand the instructions here about setting the LD to (empty) and the other instructions in this file.


This is Linux-specific startup script for a bundled version of Ardour


while [ $# -gt 0 ] ; do
case $1 in

	shift ;;
	ARGS=$ARGS$1" ";
	shift; ;;


#LD_LIBRARY_PATH needs to be set (empty) so that epa can swap between the original and the bundled version

export PREBUNDLE_ENV="$(env)"

BIN_DIR=$(dirname $(readlink -f $0))

if [ ! -d $USER_ARDOUR_DIR ] ; then
mkdir -p $USER_ARDOUR_DIR || exit 1

this triggers code in main() that will reset runtime environment variables

to point to directories inside the ardour package

export ARDOUR_BUNDLED=true

this is edited by the build script to include relevant environment variables

export PATH=/usr/local/bin:/opt/bin:$PATH

export GTK_PATH=$INSTALL_DIR/libs/clearlooks${GTK_PATH:+:$GTK_PATH}
export GTK_MODULES="" # Disable extra modules from being loaded by gtk (example,

create install-location-dependent config files for Pango and GDK image loaders

We have to do this every time because its possible that BIN_DIR has changed

sed “s?@ROOTDIR@/modules?$LIB_DIR/modules?” < $ETC_DIR/ > $USER_ARDOUR_DIR/pango.modules
sed “s?@ROOTDIR@/loaders?$LIB_DIR/loaders?” < $ETC_DIR/ > $USER_ARDOUR_DIR/gdk-pixbuf.loaders

if [ “T” = “$DEBUG” ]; then
exec gdb $INSTALL_DIR/bin/ardour-2.8.14
exec $INSTALL_DIR/bin/ardour-2.8.14 $ARGS