How to run Ardour 3.x built from git repo?

As always, I updated my Ardour 3.x sources (git pull), compiled it with my options
(./waf configure --prefix=/usr --fpu-optimization --lv2 --lxvst --windows-vst --versioned)

Then I compiled it with no errors, but when I try to run (as always):

cd /usr/src/ardour-src/3.0/vst


I got
wine: cannot find ‘./…/build/libs/…/gtk2_ardour/’

Something changed? looks the same…

Got it.

There is no file like ‘./…/build/libs/…/gtk2_ardour/’
but there is ‘./…/build/libs/…/gtk2_ardour/’
One change in “ardevst” script and now it runs:
last line: exec wine $libs/…/gtk2_ardour/ “$@”
change it to: exec wine $libs/…/gtk2_ardour/ “$@”

I can recommend the “stow” program.
Using it (I’m using the 1.3.3 version since the newer ones seem a bit overkill) you configure to, say, –prefix=/opt/ardour-date +%F and then run stow -d /opt -t /usr/local ardour-date +%F to create symbolic links from the /opt/ardour-date +%F directory to /usr/local.
That way you can have a million versions installed in the /opt directory but only have the current/working one in the /usr/local structure.

You “uninstall” the previous version by adding a -D before the -d and changing the last path to that particular name (say ardour-2013-03-23).

And by “uninstalling” you’re only removing the symbolic links in /usr/local. If you really want to remove the program entirely you do an rm -rf /opt/ardour-whatever_date