How to route each audio track to each individual speaker?


I am very new to audio stuff.
I am checking if its possible to route each track to a each output channel - assuming you had an M-8 sound card with, say, 8 output channels? like (track 1 on 1 speaker, track 2 on another speaker, track 3 on a 3rd speaker and track 4 on a 4th speaker). I have been trying to set up this configuration, but only channel 1 and 2 are working and rest of the 6 channels does not play. In this regard, could someone advice regarding these settings?


When creating a new session, select “Advanced Session” from the list of templates (likely to only have 3 options in it, unless you have created more). An additional dialog will appear after the session is created that looks like this:


Note that I have changed the auto-connect option for outputs to “automatically to physical outputs”. This will stop the track outputs being connected to the master bus, and instead they will be routed to the physical outputs on your audio interface.

Of course you can also do this manually after a session is setup by disconnecting and reconnecting the outputs, but that is more work.

You could also setup a 6 channel master bus, and manually route tracks to each channel of the master bus. Not sure which would be more work, but seems like a multi-channel master bus would have advantages in the same way as a master bus in a stereo mix.

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