How to resize plugins that are filling screen in windows

This plugin is resizable (from bottom corner) but i cant move mouse out side of screen for resize it
Suggestion ??

On Windows, I am guessing.



Thank you for reply
But NO


You mean you aren’t on Windows? You didn’t specify and your other post indicated you were:

If you want to move a window in Linux (assuming you aren’t on Mac) then it will depend which DE you are using. a common keypress is ALT-F7, but it may also be available on the taskbar menu.

On my KDE based distro, on the taskbar menus I have these options:




I know this because i come from linux world to windows
but in this bugOS (windows) not work

On many systems you can use Alt + right-mouse drag to resize windows from anywhere inside the window. You drag the corner or edge nearest to the mouse. Alt + left-mouse moves the window.

On some systems Super (windows key) is used instead of Alt.

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