How to record Spotify a Song to a Mono Audio Channel - OSx Ventura

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Do you guys know how to set “Internal Mac Sound” as “Input” in Mono Channel to record an Spotify Song directly in Ardour?

Short answer is you can’t without outside software or hardware. There are software packages that might allow this (Loopback, Black Hole, even Jack in some cases) but Ardour itself doesn’t provide this. There are also hardware solutions as professional audio interfaces might provide a loopback function as well.


This use case is one of the major advantages for me for the Jack back-end: I often record a “reference track” from YouTube / wherever just by binding the browser’s output (mapped to the “jack-sink” port) to a stereo track, arming it, pressing “Record”, and playing the video (or whatever).

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you can use:

i use: Rogue Amoeba | Loopback: Cable-Free Audio Routing


Yes I love “Jack Audio Server”, I was using it in Linux, but now I’m using with Machintosh.
Thanks a Lot I will install it here in MacOS, I will tell you if it works

Thanks a lot, very interesting info.

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to explain why i choose loopback:
its software app is very easy to use in order to route one or multiple apps to single/multiple source(s) in case of screensharing/streaming DAW screen with sound etc…

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