How to record screen with Audio

Hi guys. I’m trying to record some clips of video from my Ardour sessions, but I’m a sort of a newby. I’ve found some software, but I’m not sure they are gonna work with Ardour recording video and audio as well. I’m using Ardour with ALSA backend. Will Simple Screen Recorder make the job with ALSA, or rather I’ll have to use Jack? Will I have to use a more complicated program like OBS?

Try it. Be brave. Seriously. Maybe it will work!

I made a podcast recording my screen with simplescreenrecorder and audacity. Worked great. I’m sure Ardour would work too. How hard is it to test it out? DO. IT.

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Hi. I’ve just tried and it doesn"t work, neither with ALSA nor with Jack. I’ve downloaded OBS, but there’s a lot to tweak and I feel lost.

I think I’m gonna record the clip with my phone camera, ha, ha.

I am pretty sure that Simple Screen Recorder works when using jack and making the proper connections.

Another alternative is to just record the screen without Audio (JACK is not needed), and then later add the soundtrack.

Export the audio from ardour and then combine both using some video editor.

You could even import the video into the Ardour session after that (Session > Open video) and export the result. This can however be a bit tricky if the video starts before the ardour sessions starts to roll. You likely have to select all tracks and Tracks > Insert time at the beginning to make space.

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Have not tried for Ardour but for other applications I have been successful using “vokoscreenNG”

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Eventually, I managed to fix the problem. Using OBS, and Jack as backend, and with some trial and error tentatives, I figured it out. The result is already in Instagram


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