How to record an instrument on Ardour

In Abelton

Add -> Audio Track -> Arm Track to bass guitar through focusrite

In Ardour?

Add -> Audtio Track -> get cock blocked because I am forced to select a synth

every instrument I have literally is some kind of synth. What crucial piece of user interface am I missing here?

If you select an Audio track, you don’t have to choose a synth. Are you sure to ‘Add an audio track’ ?
Add -> Audtio Track -> Arm Track then click on ‘Record’ and ‘Play’ in the transport to record audio.

As @sub26nico already confirmed, your description of Abeton is precisely how this is done in Ardour.

You cannot select an instrument for audio tracks to begin with, perhaps you’ve added a MIDI track instead (or if you have an old version of Ardour an “Audio/MIDI” track, which is a MIDI track, with optional audio input for vocoders etc).

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Perhaps I need to download some sort of driver for the focusrite to work on linux first. The audio was coming out of the focusrite, but maybe I need to use to change the original settings of the “session” so that Ardour actually uses the focusrite. I had it selected, but maybe it is something to do with the actual drivers.

My focusrite 18i8 3rd Gen works great with Ardour under ubuntu 20.04. I record mostly audio live though. Never been forced to select a synth–seems strange to me? Never downloaded a driver. Ardour recognized the interface in the setup dropdown menu as I open/start the program from the first time I tried it.

There are no drivers to download on Linux. They either come with the system, or the device is a class compliant piece of hardware (e.g. USB) or there is no driver.

Issues with your audio hardware have nothing to do with the behavior you began discussing, which as noted by others, is caused by you selecting the wrong kind of track.

cool bro. mine doesn’t

From reading the thread, it seems to me, that Paul Davis is probably right about you selecting the wrong kind of track. Make sure that the track is audio. Also, when you open Ardour, you should be able to select the Focusrite hardware from a dropdown menu list. I am on my way to work right now, but, when I get back, if the problem is not resolved, I will go through the procedure step by step with you, so that will be later today–like nine hours from now at least.

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nah i got it to work. I had to change the default volume from 0 (like by spinning that little nob in the editor mode).

Also, I get this pretty crazy glitch. I can’t watch youtube videos when ardour is open, they will always stay at 0:00

but i can right click and save-link as.

Awesome! I am glad you figured it out. A lot of times it is something simple. Yep, I usually never watch youtube videos and have Ardour open at the same time. To avoid conflicts, when i am recording with certain interfaces, I just do my recording, I don’t attempt to do anything else. Let me know how your first recordings turn out. I am always curious about what other artists are working on. My stuff is usually original but old school back yard rock. Keep creating!

Ardour requires exclusive access to the soundcard, so not other application can use it at the same time. This is for a variety of reasons. Mainly to prevent other applications from changing settings while the soundcard is in use, and to prevent desktop sounds to blast out of studio monitors.

You should however be able to use the PC’s built-in soundcard for desktop apps and the web-browser, while Ardour uses the focusrite. This is usually configured using the desktop’s Sound-preferences.

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