How to record all 4 input channels?

I am using a Tascam 4x4HR DI to record a podcast, but am unable to record more than 2 channels. Simply put, the Tascam 4x4 has four mics-in and only two of them are getting any monitor signal on Ardour. I recently switched from Audacity for the same reason with the understanding Ardour could record all four channels, yet I am currently unable to get any signal from anything other than channel 1 and 2. I have tried adjusting the settings on my computer, as well as the settings on the Tascam itself, but nothing seems to work.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Am I missing something obvious?

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When you say “only two of them are getting any monitor signal on Ardour” do you mean that you can see four channels, but two of them don’t seem to get any signal?

Which Operating System are you running Ardour on?

If on Linux, are you using Jack or ALSA?

Can you open the Audio Connection Manager (Under Window menu) and take a screen capture of it with the Hardware tabs selected, like this:




When you switch to Ardour’s Recorder View… Do you see 4 inputs similar to

What settings do you use in Ardour Menu > Window > Audio/MIDI Setup?

If you are on windows, then you need to install the sound card driver. Windows does not support USB Audio Class Compliant devices natively and you only see 2 channels with the basic USB Audio driver that comes with windows.

I am using Windows 10. I can see four channels but two of them aren’t getting signal. I’m about to try the sound card drivers, but haven’t finished that yet. Here’s the screen capture you were asking for:

I can only see three inputs at the bottom, first photo is an image of the recorder view, with the inputs at the bottom.

Next photo is Audio/MIDI Setup;

After doing some more digging (I work during the day, so it takes me a long time to research and reply and all of that) and my TASCAM says it may need a ASIO driver. I don’t know much about computers, so I’ll try that.

That is actually just two audio inputs, and one MIDI port.
As someone pointed out in an earlier post, Windows does not have an advanced audio driver built it, you need to install the driver for your device. That should make all channels available.

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So get the driver from and install it.

Then when you start Ardour, in the Audio/MIDI Setup pick Driver: ASIO – not MME.
And you should be set. – I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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