How to read the Midi activity on a midi track?

on a midi track i have some midi notes recorded and a plugin midi to midi that transforms midi events.
I would like to see the raw midi messages. For this, I open the window “midi activity” and select the port “midi out”, i can read the messages after the plugin. But if i select the port “midi in”, i see no messages. However i would like to see the messages read from the track and before the plugin. Is it possible?

I’m not at home at the moment, but maybe you could put the “ACE midi monitor” plugin before the plugin you want the input monitored?

Thanks, yes a monitoring plugins works well. I was wandering if the existing window “midi activity” and with selected the port “midi in”, already do this and if i just not succeed to use it correctly.

When you say “MIDI activity” do you mean Window > MIDI Tracer?

That can show MIDI events on Ports: physical inputs (your MIDI keyboard). Or for track outputs. In your case, when playing back MIDI, you can trace the track’s output port.

“midi in” would show any MIDI data arriving at the track.

Yes i guess this is " Window > MIDI Tracer", sorry, in french it is called “Fenetre > Activité Midi”.
With an external keyboard i see the midi messages in, but when i use the virtual keyboard attached to the track, there is no message in.

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