How to punch in

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Okay, maybe I’m an idiot but after going through all of the online documentation I can find I can’t figure out how to punch in! I’ve recorded some vocals and have to go back in and re-record a few bits and pieces. How do I do it?

(Seablade) #2

Good places to start. The basics are, you need to create a PUNCH range via the loop/punch timeline, then activate punch in, and/or, punch out as appropriate to have the punch activated on record enabled tracks when recording.


(Gkodadek) #3

Got it sorted out… thanks!

(Tmp6) #4

The guy says he read all the doc and don’t know how to punch and you link him to the documentation. I’ve read the documentation too plus that post, and I still don’t know how to activate punch in/out.
After searching by myself like 2handband probably did I come back to give the answer:
The second top menu item after “Session”, “commandes” in french, sorry I don’t know in English. There you’ll see three checkboxes:

Now why 3 punches ? Is this explained in the doc ? I’m afraid not.
Hope this helps

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Well. Now I defined a range in the loop/punch range line, checked all the punches possible in “Commandes” menu and still no punchin occurs, pushed General and track button and…no punchin occurs…
Sorry guys I did not help

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Hurray : Now I got it. Not mistake Loop range and Punch range. I had defined a loop range only ! Right click on the loop/punch range line, on top of the tracks, and here you can define the punch range !

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You realize this thread is 8 years old at this point? While I appreciate that you posted how it worked, this question was about A2, the documentation I linked to no longer exists and would be very out of date but at that time was not commonly known about which is why I linked it back then :slight_smile:

All this being said, I would agree some simple to read directions on creating punch ranges and utilizing punch in/out is needed in the current manual, if you have time I would encourage you to submit some through github/pull request if you know how.