How to punch in

Okay, maybe I’m an idiot but after going through all of the online documentation I can find I can’t figure out how to punch in! I’ve recorded some vocals and have to go back in and re-record a few bits and pieces. How do I do it?

Good places to start. The basics are, you need to create a PUNCH range via the loop/punch timeline, then activate punch in, and/or, punch out as appropriate to have the punch activated on record enabled tracks when recording.


Got it sorted out… thanks!

The guy says he read all the doc and don’t know how to punch and you link him to the documentation. I’ve read the documentation too plus that post, and I still don’t know how to activate punch in/out.
After searching by myself like 2handband probably did I come back to give the answer:
The second top menu item after “Session”, “commandes” in french, sorry I don’t know in English. There you’ll see three checkboxes:

Now why 3 punches ? Is this explained in the doc ? I’m afraid not.
Hope this helps

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Well. Now I defined a range in the loop/punch range line, checked all the punches possible in “Commandes” menu and still no punchin occurs, pushed General and track button and…no punchin occurs…
Sorry guys I did not help

Hurray : Now I got it. Not mistake Loop range and Punch range. I had defined a loop range only ! Right click on the loop/punch range line, on top of the tracks, and here you can define the punch range !


You realize this thread is 8 years old at this point? While I appreciate that you posted how it worked, this question was about A2, the documentation I linked to no longer exists and would be very out of date but at that time was not commonly known about which is why I linked it back then :slight_smile:

All this being said, I would agree some simple to read directions on creating punch ranges and utilizing punch in/out is needed in the current manual, if you have time I would encourage you to submit some through github/pull request if you know how.