How to produce a choir sound?

Is there a plug in that I can add into a Bus track that produces a choir sound? I have a droney guitar track that I think will sound great with a “ooooooooh aaaaaah” choir sound in the background. I’ve been trying to accomplish this with pedals but I haven’t been able to pull it off. I thought there may be a plug in available that could do this? Any help is greatly appreciated

Voice synthesis plugins are largely the domain of proprietary software on Windows and OS X. You didn’t say what platform you are on. If you are looking for open source or libre software to do this, you’re likely to be out of luck.

There are “chorus” plugins available but they are not really attempting to create an actual choir …

Thanks for your reply Paul. I wish you had better news though lol. I’m using Ubuntu btw.

the infamous lushlife will probably be your closest bet for processing your own voice to sound like a choir, but for just oohs and aahs you’d likely be best served by finding some decent soundfonts. If you do use lushlife I’d love to know how it goes (I’m the developer).

ZynAddSubFX has a few workable choir presets you could try. They work well enough for me and might do the trick for a background sound, but keep in mind it works best when you’re feeding it a chord, not a single note.

Hope that helps.