How to prevent regions from falling down in stack mode

Hi! Whenever I move a region in time:

it ends up on the lowest layering level

Having to raise it back up again afterwards. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Furthermore, to effectively raise that region up I have either to drag it the highest above the rest or right-click>raise to top, if not it would fall again to the bottom.

Any ideas? is this happening to someone else?

It’s not happening here, and also should not happen:


Does this happen every time or only with a specific session?

It sounds like a bug to me. It would be great if you could report a bug on, ideally with steps to reproduce this starting with a new session, or alternatively attach the .ardour session file of the session that has this issue.

Thank you for your time Robin, I was about to say it happens everytime but just to be sure I’ve checked a couple more sessions, one of them seems to work fine, the other two have this issue.

I take the opportunity to say that sometimes I encounter things in ardour that I feel I’m not entitled to call “bugs”, so my first reaction would be always head here and ask about it. With this response you’ve given here suddenly I see my habit may not be the most convenient for the forum, and I’m sorry, it’s just that I may feel the idea of “tracking bugs” in a whole different website and all a little bit overwhelming :sweat_smile: while posting here is no big deal. I’ve never used tracker.ardour before but I’m registering now and will try to better direct my issues there.

By the way what do you use to make that fancy gif?


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