How to post ??

Sorry, I seem to be just too stupid: but how can I post to a thread (as I have done before)?
If I enter the thread and login then I get to my personal page that tells me to donate and how many weeks I have been a member of the Forum. When I click on “forum” and go once again to the thread the forum does not list me as “online user” anymore. So I click on “login” once again - and without being asked for username/password I get redirected to the ardour main page. What am I missing? Or is this a bug?
Javascript and Cookies are enabled (otherwise login does not work at all).

Opening a new thread (obviously) works, by clicking the “create content” button on my personal page.


Hm?? Now I have opened this thread everything works fine again: I can enter a forum topic and still remain a logged in user. No idea what had prevented this before. Sorry.